Experts in fruit and vegetable production

TERRA AGRONÓMICA ESPAÑA is an expert in the production and commercialisation of very high quality fruits and vegetables.


It is mainly dedicated to the importation of fruit and vegetables from Morocco, to distribute them from our headquarters in Aragon, both nationally and internationally; and to the production and sale of the Barbastro Pink Tomato, a Spanish Trademark since 2014.


An initiative based on experience, know-how and absolute control of processes that has allowed us to distribute, import and export to any corner of the world since 2004.

Tomate Rosa de Barbastro

TERRA AGRONÓMICA with its 15 Ha farm has the largest plantation of the Barbastro Pink Tomato, in the town of the same name.

In 2019, our production of the Barbastro Pink Tomato will exceed 550 tons. On the other hand, we sell more than 1 million kg of pink tomato from other sources.

At our modern, functional facilities in Zaragoza, the merchandise is always in optimal storage conditions and, and controlled so that it reaches its destination whether it be central markets, large food chains or stockists at just the right time. Facilities that enable the process to be managed from start to finish thanks to its packaging, handling, logistics and distribution sections.

Our companies

We work with the best professionals, ensuring that the merchandise is always in perfect condition and arrives at the right time.
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