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That’s how it all started…

That’s how it all started…

Camión Grupo Correas

Over 60 years ago Lorenzo Correas Otín,

along with his brother Jesús, began distributing fruit and vegetables from a small warehouse in Sabiñánigo. The birth of FRUTAS CORREAS.


Within 8 years, turnover grew considerably and they opened their first warehouse in Huesca. Three decades after the birth of FRUTAS CORREAS, another step forward was taken with the specialization of the company and its location in Mercazaragoza, where it currently occupies 4,000m2 (2,700 m2 refrigerated).


Today, our family business GRUPO CORREAS encompasses 9 companies, with offices in Zaragoza, Huesca, Barbastro and Valencia, in Spain and Agadir and Larache, in Morocco. Most of them, mainly dedicated to the production, packaging, distribution, import and export of fruit and vegetable produce nationally and internationally. In addition, we sell food products and machinery for the hotel and catering sector and develop different activities in the real estate sector.


More than 1,000 employees

The figures confirm our unstoppable expansion. Currently, GRUPO CORREAS has more than 1,000 employees in Spain and Morocco, where more than 200 hectares of our own fruit and vegetable produce are grown.

The quality of our produce opens the doors for us to the international market.

``In the realm of ideas everything depends on enthusiasm... in the real world all rests on perseverance.`` Goethe

Timeless values

Quality and service from beginning to end

From our beginnings until today and from the land to the table. Our obsession has been to obtain a high quality product and offer the best customer service to your business. And with priority, that is how we go about our day to day.

Because our customers are the most important for us.

Our concern is about offering everything they need, just at the moment they need it.

Our team understand what GRUPO CORREAS goals are:

C for Quality

O for Organization

R for Responsibility

R for Rigour

E for Experience

A for Action

S for Service

Quality: because for us it comes first.

Organization: order and planning in our day to day.

Responsibility: committed to society.

Rigour: professionalism in everything we do.

Experience: since 1956, we have been devoted to producing and

distributing the best fruit and vegetables for our Customers.

Action: in constant motion.

Service: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our companies

We work with the best professionals, ensuring that the merchandise is always in perfect condition and arrives at the right time.
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